Friday, June 3, 2011

Who, me?

Many times I have reached for the proverbial pen to begin writing and sharing my thoughts... regardless of whether or not I have an audience willing to listen.  However, for one reason or another I never quite had enough motivation to see it through.  That is, until now.  Hell hath no fury like a 30-something guy with an itch to type who is nipple deep in to a "rebuilding year".

I am not going to overly prescribe the flavor of this blog, because I honestly don't know what will pop up a various times and how it will strike me... and I am pretty comfortable about that.  My new mantra is to live in the present and take it one step at a time. I would be doing a disservice, to both you and to me, if I were to have this planned out too carefully.  Let it flow and welcome the exchange.  Whether it be blather or brilliance, it will be honest and soulful with (hopefully) a dash of wit and an oaky finish with undertones of profundity.  That is my promise... well, at least my intent.

Happy reading and please chime in when so inspired.

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