Monday, March 4, 2013


I am not a stranger in this world
I am not some uninvited guest
I will take my place at the table
and shine

What keeps us from being the best, uninhibited and vibrant version of ourselves? What stops us from shining?  We all have the capacity and we all have the talent.  For some reason, we grow an internal  'governor' that  brings in doubt and second guessing. And sometimes, it feels good.  There is a warmth of second guessing ourselves before going out on a limb. A comfort. You start to wrestle with the risk of pushing your limits and all of a sudden, the safety of being conservative can feel appealing. We can cloud our path with a search for the 'right way' than choosing with our soul and jumping in with both feet.  True, jumping in against the current is scary, risky and often against the societal norms, but when you lead with your raw passion, you have the best hope for success - however you define it, and your brightest shine.  

We need not fear judgement nor wonder if we are 'good enough'.  "I am not some uninvited guest" - we belong here, where ever we might find ourselves in that moment, and have just as owe ourselves the pursuit of our "shine" without inhibition.  In that pursuit defined by your passion, and not society, you will create the  loudest shine that your soul can muster. Your truest shine. The perfect shine for you. 

Know you belong. Following your instinct to your glory.  Take your place at the table.  

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